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Welcome to Nutrition Focused Exam
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Written by Adele Huls, PhD, RD, LMNT, LN   

Welcome to

Helping Each Other Learn

Come on in and learn about performing a nutrition-focused physical exam as part of your data collection in completing a Nutrition Assessment of your client, patient, or resident. This site is a free Nutrition Focused Exam Site with Information,  Member Profiles, Site Contributors, Learning Tutorials. I would love it if you would join the site and help build the community with your Nutrition Knowledge and Nutrition Focused Exam Questions. This is an active community with plans for Nutrition Focused Exam Content and Videos being added all the time.


Join the Nutrition Focused Exam (NFE) Community

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A Free Clinical Signs & Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies Guide!

A Free Key Terms for Performance of Nutrition-focused Physical Exam 

Other bonuses may be added periodically and will be made available for all NFE Community Members

All you have to do is Sign Up Here , then go to the “My Downloads” section of Your Profile and get your free Clinical Signs & Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies Guide and free Key Terms for Performance of Nutrition-focused Physical Exam.

If you are interested in becoming a Site Contributor please become a Member of the NFE community and then contact me directly by e-mail.

Come on in and help us build,
Adele Huls, PhD, RD



Nutrition-focused Physical Exam (NFE) Skill Levels

There are a variety of different levels of knowledge and skills with performance of a nutrition-focused physical exam. You need to determine where you fit into the NFE topic. Your learning of the subject can then become more effective.

NFE Newbie:
 ♦ You need to learn the general process
 ♦ You have heard some of the lesion terms but don’t know exactly how to identify them or      how they relate to nutritional deficiencies
 ♦ Student or intern


NFE Beginner:
 ♦ You probably know the general process of NFE
 ♦ You stumble across nutrient-based lesions on a regular basis
 ♦ You could probably explain the some of the basics of NFE to others


NFE Intermediate:
 ♦ You know the NFE process and have performed it many times
 ♦ You can often identify lesions upon introducing yourself to the client
 ♦ You have several resources on hand to help you in making lesion and nutrient-related decisions


NFE Advanced:
 ♦ You know what corneal arcus, petechiae, corkscrew hair, Casal’s Necklace and koilonychia mean and the most probable nutrient deficiencies connected with each
 ♦ You probably work in a nutrition-focused physical exam environment every day
 ♦ You probably have been a mentor to others or had a good NFE mentor yourself


Take a minute to determine your NFE skill level before we move on.
This web site and the resources it provides were developed for the Newbie to Intermediate skill levels. Everyone who works with NFE can probably learn something but Advanced NFE performers probably know most of this information like “the color of their tongue”.


One last note:
Occasionally I will get an email from an expert telling me that there are exceptions to this or to that. Usually I agree with them. I have tried to present how I learned NFE and how I use the information I have learned in practice. Think of it a guide for those wanting to get started in NFE rather than a scientific analysis of the subject. My reason for the web site is to help teach those wishing to gain some skills and knowledge in the area of performing a nutrition-focused physical exam.